Born in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Raised in the Green Mountains of Vermont

Educated in Boston

Settled into New York

My names Jeremiah and I’m an Illustrator & Educator living in New York. In the past I’ve produced Children’s Book’s & CD’s, Characters, Cartoons, and Logo’s for many clients small and large. A few of my clients include The Christmas Tree Shops Inc., Picmonic, Edge Brewing,and the Red Zebra Project. For a full list of clients please refer to my list below this summary.

My names Jeremiah and I’m an Illustrator & Designer living in New York. I’ve produced Children’s Book’s CD’s, Characters, Logo’s, and much more material for The Christmas Tree Shops, Picmonic, Edge Brewing and the Red Zebra Project. For over 5 years I’ve enjoyed the privilege of holding an accomplished freelance career while also being a Designer and Project Manager. This affords me the opportunity to seek the next Creative Endeavor. I create artwork to advocate a positive impact on urban culture that encourages viewers to interact with visually striking and thought-provoking graphics.

I approach each project as an experience to learn as a freelancer. I’m receptive to my clients individual and personal needs while aiming to exceed their expectations in hopes of producing a wholesomely believable image fulfilling their desires.

Aside from my freelancing I also teach landscape & Character painting for Paint Nite NYC in many bars and restaurants throughout Manhattan. Paint Nite is my social outlet where I have freedom to share my passion for painting with many different types of people with varying skill levels from Architects, to Graphic Designers, and Novice Painters. If you’re interested in attending Paint Nite class at one of our venues, please refer to the sidebar of my website to view my Artist Profile. Thanks very much for stopping by the website and I look forward to seeing you out there!



Bed Bath & Beyond / The Christmas Tree Shops Inc. – Union, NJ


The Red Zebra Project – Portland, Oregon


BA Events – Boston, Mass.


Left to Right Productions – Hollywood & NYC


Picmonic – Arizona


Intelligent Update


The Black&White Cookie Company – Brooklyn, NY


Edge Brewing – Barcelona, Spain



Contact: | 508-843-4588

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