Update 3/27/14

Today I taught my first tiled painting for a company. My test subjects were executives of Rabobank Consulting who chose my Abstract Cow painting from the usual weekend Paint Nite Classes. Their most favorite part was how each tile came together at the end to complete a cow even though it was disjointed in a few area’s (mainly the bottom). Some of the students grew pretty obsessive of painting on their parts of the canvases.

Update 3/23/14

A while back last summer – Which means almost a year ago now – I created a logo for a friends Hand-knit clothing line called ‘Laughter Owl Inc’. She mainly creates apparel for swimwear and intimate attire.

The next image is a simple wedding poster I painted in Photoshop last month that takes me back to rendering like I used to in College working on a mural with faux-finishing techniques. This piece took nearly 10 hours but all the time was well spent!

Laughter Owl

Wedding  Day

Update 3/17/14

So it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Seems like a nice time for an update.

For those of you who follow me, I’m regularly on Instagram and Twitter sharing my daily moments of shinanigans and joys. Many new happening’s have been taking place throughout the last year which has set back my regular update’s. I’ve moved to Queen’s from Bushwick and aside from freelancing I also became a Social Painting Instructor for Paint Nite NYC.

You can see me here teaching on national Television at Essex St. Restaurant on the Lower East Side before thanksgiving last Fall:


Next I’d like to share a few of the highlights from a Mozambique Children’s Book I created Illustrations for last Summer. The story is titled ‘The Friendship of Crocodile and Baboon’ and is taken from a traditional African folktale. My client was The Red Zebra Project located in Seattle so the work was all done remotely via Skype with each drawing being finished using Adobe Illustrator.

Out to the River

The Best of Friends

Travel to the Island