Update – 1/1/16

As many of you know, Holidays have never been my time to be social among colleagues, peers, or even those fare-weather friends in passing everyday. The biggest reason for this privacy has been, and, may always will be that importance of allocating precious time for those closest to me. I speak plainly here when stressing the word, family. Between hardships of my friends, there have also been many deaths in my extended family, which, have honestly kept me at bay this past year.

I spoke to my Art Director at Getty Images (Jason Wallace), and he said to simply “Let the New Year take it’s course”. Knowing my artwork will be alongside Rolling Stone coming cut from the same clothe, there truly is no more of a humbling experience. Throughout the anal’s of Rock N’ Roll, my hope is to one day be apart of Rolling Stone with artwork. For now, I’ll be patient. Please Enjoy ‘Pride & Prejudice as a painting’, and ‘Yoda Cookies’ for The Black & White Cookie Company LLC, including the Thanksgiving inspired piece.



Update – 8.24.15

fathersday_cookies Cookie flag 2MKJRMX_crop

It never occurred to me how much enthusiasm I get for making illustrations where I’m allowed full creative freedom. Freedom, Cookies, and even better yet, some historical American figures. It’s incredibly humbling this year that I’ve been creating more traditional, even painterly works. It’s been time to make up for lost time. It’s the time to play a little catch-up to my mentors, whom I also consider peers. This isn’t to be mistaken for competition. Each one of us knows who has the chops. Slowly but surely. there’s been a transitioning period here where, in the hopeful future, I’ll be known for traditional paintings in a digital world.

I spent some time with family to truly become involved and grow the one feeling I always thought one needs to be a creator of culture – empathy. For the Father’s Day drawing I decided to use my Uncle Danny as a photo reference because he’s an all around American looking dad. It also helps that he’s been a Firefighter his whole life and works for the state of NH. He lives in Manchester, NH, which is where I was born 27 years ago. Uncle Danny and I are pretty close. Sometimes we drink whiskey together. On a side note, that glass of Milk in his hand…it was originally whiskey!

The American Flag Cookie painting was finished on masonite with acrylic and I had a friend take a high resolution picture so I could get a big .TIFF file. I could edit it all in Photoshop but it’s still %100 acrylic.

Lastly, I’ll say I had the most fun painting the portrait ‘s of Martin luther King and Malcom-X using an extremely limited Palette including 4 colors including some white. I’ve been trying to push how I can add some abstraction and let natural fluid mark-making still be retained through the surface of the painting, or in this case – my sketchbook page. Colors used:

Pthalo Blue (green shade) / Van Dyke Brown / Quinochridone Red / Quinochridone Orange / Titanium White

It’s important for me to keep a limited palette for traditional paintings because you want to act under an imaginary timeline. Save time by simplifying the colors and, think about using the colors as visual language to address a more conceptual approach.

Here, I kept a color scheme of red and green tones of color (earth tones), which are most easily digested by older folks or young adults. More commonly put, earth tones are more susceptible to adults because of age, and maturity. Malcom-X was the more radical of these two so I decided to use the Phalo Blue and Van Dyke brown to create murky greens. I’m pleased with the results. Secondly I used the combinations of Quino-Ornge & Red for Martin Luther King to focus on the danger he was bringing upon himself, and ultimately his demise in assassination.  Both historical figures actually held similar views and weren’t enemies. They were friends sharing a duality, with two different paths arriving at that duality.

As always, Enjoy,


Update – 5.3.15






Howdy! I wanted to surface from my cave and share some cool new happenings this Spring. Paint Nite has been losing momentum these days because of different management and paintings not selling out enough so I took a stab at painting for Overall Murals. I want to Thank my buddy Shane Donahue for hooking me up with some larger scale work here too.

Overall Murals was commissioned by Redbull Music Academy to create some cool Murals for their upcoming Music Hall Performances this Spring and Summer. Above I included all of the text I’ve been painting for 13 hour days. It’s so nuts how smooth the letters are and from far away, they really look like vinyl! All letters are hand painted by YOURS TRULY. You can find the mural located at the corner of Rivington and Suffolk streets in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan.

The image located above the mural pictures is a small freelance gig I’ve been doing for The Black & White Cookie Company promoting their Spring Cookies line. I had a pretty tight deadline for the concept but I think the little glass of milk is cute next to the field of flowers and cookies. I wanted to leave the cookies themselves black & white as the original graphite show through.

Update – 12.31.2014


I’m willing to bet all my friends and coworkers are out in NYC partying their mad hats off and I wouldn’t blame them one bit after an atrocious year that was 2014. This year has brought me many trials and tribulations having to deal with unpredictable living situations, psychopathic ex girlfriends, and many troubles dealing with money. the few bits of happiness I’ve been able to think fondly of have been gaining a couple great freelance clients like Edge Brewing and The Black & White Cookie Company. The cookie company actually started in Uttica, NY, where my Paint Nite Manager grew up and she remembers it fondly.

I’ve maintained a successful profile on Elance.com (anyone else should check out elance to get work!) and get a lot of freelance work off the site each month.

The next goal in 2014 is to undergo these few things:

-Create more art using traditional media like Acrylic Paint

-Getting accepted into Society of Illustrator and not just Creative Quarterly

-Applying for my Masters

-Rebuilding old or burned bridges with former friends.

Aside from my banter, feel free to check out the new work in development below. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

The character you see in B&W line drawing is called the “Hydralpaca”, and is a character rendition of my friends and brothers Titien & Cobalt Tolbert, and Angus of the band COQUETTE hailing from Randolph and Montpelier, VT. In my personal opinion, this is the only band that matters in Vermont aside from Phish of course. These dudes create a cohesive blend of Progressive Rock that will remind listeners of the long forgotten fun-rock of Red Hot Chili-Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, and will satisfy those who enjoy the technical extremeness of Tool. Yes, I said TOOL. There’s a little bit of Muse in there somewhere too.

back_cover_coquette COQUETTE_EPCOQUETTE_hydralpaca



Update – 7/23/14

Whew, basketball kicked my tail tonight but it was a good workout. Tonight I wanted to post something that’s a few years old but still something new I’m working toward in terms of color studying and painting. These are pieces I simply titled ‘Abstract One’, and ‘Abstract Two’, and it is the new direction I’ll be embarking on with fine art and incorporating it into Illustration somehow. Stay tuned to see how I can cohesively fuze the two together. Enjoy! As always, criticisms and suggestions are more than encouraged and welcomed here.

abstract_two abstract_one

Update – 7/13/14


drunken Sailor












I’m not one for watching Soccer on my days off from teaching Paint Nite – just not that into the World Cup haha. I’d much rather share something productive of mine instead. Below are a couple beer drawings for Edge Brewing out in Barcelona, Spain. Please go ahead and check them out here: www.edgebrewing.com

EdgeBrewing is Spain’s first ever Craft Brewery and I’ve been signed on since last Fall with the team to make some of their fun beer label drawings. The bottle slot-machine idea came from a brew called the ‘White Liar’ and I thought throwing on some winning hop leaves would be pretty cool. Hopefully it shows the consumer they’re in for quite a treat!

Drawing number two is for a beer called ‘Sqiuffy Sailor’ (AKA Drunken Sailor!!) and depicts more of a traditional harbor in Spain. To make things interesting here, I made a Sailor using a small squid as a coozy for his beer mug. The Art Director got quite a kick out of that one too. Keep an eye out for a colored version of it later!



Ok, so, I’m still wrapping my mind around this little number inspired by one of my bosses at work. He wanted a pirate seahorse for a new tattoo he’s getting back in Tel Aviv, Israel so I have to share this one too. It’s probably one of the faster drawings I’ve done but it still needs a good touching up in Photoshop.

Update 3/27/14

Today I taught my first tiled painting for a company. My test subjects were executives of Rabobank Consulting who chose my Abstract Cow painting from the usual weekend Paint Nite Classes. Their most favorite part was how each tile came together at the end to complete a cow even though it was disjointed in a few area’s (mainly the bottom). Some of the students grew pretty obsessive of painting on their parts of the canvases.

Update 3/23/14

A while back last summer – Which means almost a year ago now – I created a logo for a friends Hand-knit clothing line called ‘Laughter Owl Inc’. She mainly creates apparel for swimwear and intimate attire.

The next image is a simple wedding poster I painted in Photoshop last month that takes me back to rendering like I used to in College working on a mural with faux-finishing techniques. This piece took nearly 10 hours but all the time was well spent!

Laughter Owl

Wedding  Day